MorphoWave Tower

MorphoWave™ Tower by IDEMIA is the World’s first biometric access solution capturing and matching 4 fingerprints, with a single hand movement. It implements a patented, truly contactless 3D technology that not only acquires extremely accurate fingerprint data but also overcomes the challenges wet/dry fingers and latent prints pose to conventional scanning systems.

To protect our estate we require access control solutions that are thorough, dependable and do not slow people down. IDEMIA patented a touchless 3D fingerprint technology to develop a product meeting these needs in high-traffic environments. The MorphoWave Tower has rapidly become the benchmark in frictionless access. The overwhelming success of MorphoWave Tower deployments in major Fortune 500 companies across the globe not only proves the technology delivers on its promise, but also confirms the possibility to use it everywhere including Seaward.

We are looking forward to rolling out this new technology in the near future. Access cards will be a thing of the past thus increasing security and convenience as well as decreasing unnecessary contact with touch surfaces in an effort to limit the spread of diseases.