SEMHOA Master Water Plan




1. Background

The Seaward Estate precinct is home to several 1000 people and has approximately 700 residential units. It is one of the larger estates in Ballito. The precinct is typified by medium to higher income residential stands, a hospital, a school and various commercial land uses. The water supply system for Seaward Estates is typified by high levels of leakage, poor usage profiling, poor pressure control, water quality profile control and poor revenue control.

Due to water supply constraints/condition and extremely high demand attributed to high consumption and excessive water leakage from the network, Seaward Estates water supply system is very inefficient in terms of negative environmental impact in terms of water loss and high unnecessary costs which substantiates to the need to urgently remediate the water supply system.

This master water plan therefore presents a business case for the provision of strategic identification, implementation and management activities of all necessary technical interventions to ensure that water supply to Seaward Estates is restored an efficient functional state.

2. Purpose of Master Water Plan

The purpose of this business plan is therefore as follows:

  • Present the scope of services that shall be delivered to ensure that the water supply to Seward Estates is restored to an efficient functional state.
  • Present a cost estimate for the budget to the Seaward Estates HOA.


3. Summary

The summary of the project intervention beneficiaries and impact is presented in Table 1.

Project Name

Rapid Intervention for the Stabilization of Water

Loss for Seaward Estates

Estimated Duration2 months
 Staff Compliment See organogram below
 Scope of works

Field Investigations, Reports, Draughting, Recommendations, Estimated Costs


Table 1: Summary

4. Intervention Approach and Methodology

The intervention approach and methodology for the restoration of efficient functional water supply to Seaward Estates is summarized as follows:

a) Procurement of a specialist Strategic Intervention Team (SIT), well- versed in dealing with Revenue Water reduction and system stabilization issues, to provide expert and specialist input in terms of the planning, direction and implementation of all necessary activities to meet the project objectives;

b) Mobilise the specialist SIT in such a manner so as to provide them with all necessary physical interventions as may be identified to ensure that the project objectives are met within as short a time frame as possible, but not exceeding five months in total. In this regard, all physical intervention that is required shall be procured or made available independently by Seaward Estates through either in-house capacity or through specialist contracts;

c) Identify appropriate KPI’s and milestones that will be used to determine the effectiveness of the overall intervention and ensuring that the primary project objective is met;

d) Undertake all necessary interventions to ensure that the efficient functional water supply is returned to Seaward Estates, through the reduction of physical water leakage from the reticulation network, restriction of water wastage and ensuring that all connections are metered and registered in the Seaward Estate billing database.

5. Scope of Services

The scope of services that will be offered by the specialist SIT will be as follows:

a) Pressure reduction – ensure that the entire supply is zoned for pressure (not exceeding 5.5/6bar maximum pressure), with all areas receiving at least a minimum pressure of 3,5bar at all time This activity shall consist of a detailed assessment of the current zoning of the reticulation network, recommendations for alternative pressure management strategies (new pressure supply zones based on reduced supply standards), identification of critical PMZ’s (pressure managed zones) that could be used for pressure sustaining purposes, identification of suitable PMZ’s for advanced pressure management and control, and ensuring the working condition of all existing PRV’s in the reticulation network. The SIT will manage/direct the actual implementation of the works required through the management of external construction service providers.

b) Active leak detection and repair – the SIT will work with externally-contracted leak detection teams to identify and repair leaks.

Leak detection and repair will be carried out through  a targeted  “find  and fix”  approach for whereby all visible leaks in the reticulation network will be repaired, while the conventional leak detection contractor will target regular leak detection of all reticulation mains using various detection equipment. The SIT will direct areas of operation as well as manage quality control and materials control.

c) Replacement of old and/or dysfunctional infrastructure – the SIT will work with externally-contracted civil construction teams to identify and replace old and/or dysfunctional infrastructure through a targeted “find  and replace”  approach for whereby all identified old and/or dysfunctional reticulation network will be re The SIT will direct areas of operation as well as manage quality control and materials control.

d) Installation of missing  stand meters  – in order to both identify the extent of consumption from existing  houses and  to  determine  the  presence  of  any wasteful use of water, all existing stands/units will be metered to ensure that all demand is accounted fo This activity will be directed and managed by the SIT to ensure quick and efficient results.

e) Installation of bulk meters – The intention is for Seaward Estate to install zone controls, fitted with pressure reduction and volumetric control devices in order to minimize water losses and water wastage. The identification of these areas (preliminary indications will be required) and the direction and supervision of corrective action will be advised by the SIT.

f) Replacement of faulty meters – again, linked to the identification of potential water wastage, all non-working water meters in Seaward Estates will be identified either through the analysis of the existing Seaward Estates billing database, or through field verification. The identification of these meters and any corrective action will be advised by the SIT.

g) Implement “forced  repair”  programme  –  based  on  either  the feedback from the leak detection and repair exercise, or the detailed analysis of consumer accounts in Seaward Estates, all consumers that are either suspected of having internal (on-site) leakage or confirmed on-site leakage shall be subjected to a “forced repair” of internal plumbing and fixtures in accordance with current Seaward Estates policy and standa The identification of these consumers and the management of corrective action shall be advised by the SIT.

h) Ring-fence reporting of faults for Seaward Estates – in order to increase awareness of any water supply problems being experienced in the estates, and to minimize response times to these problems, Seaward Estates will create a ring-fenced database of faults that will automatically be brought to the attention of the SIT for resolution.

6. Special Intervention Team Structure


Project Director

Project Administrator →

Project Engineer 


Field Technicians

7. Project Management

It is envisaged that the management of the Seward Estates Water Loss Stabilization initiative shall be undertaken by the SIT. Progress meetings shall initially be undertaken on a fortnightly basis for the first two months, and thereafter monthly. While the SIT will be responsible for the direct management of any and all external service provider involvement. The SIT shall also assume responsibility for all monitoring and reporting activities.

The following services are also included:

  • Stormwater, Sewer and Water – co-ordinates
  • Depths of all manholes
  • Flow direction
  • Status Quo reports
  • Remedial action