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Johan Mey


Portfolio : Legal & Compliance

Denver Seetal


Portfolio : Buildings & DRP

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The Staff


Katrin Kitlas


Katrin comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked as a manager in the hospitality industry for over 20 years . Katrin’s methodical approach to complex issues makes her well suited for the Office Manager role. Katrin is approachable, direct and most importantly fair. She believes in building lasting relationships and apparently it all begins with a cup of coffee and a conversation.

We interviewed Katrin to find out a little more about who she is:


What are your impressions of Seaward Estates after one week?

Seaward Estates is a beautiful natural environment with a passionate and enthusiastic community. This Estate has great potential and I look forward to getting to know each resident and laying the foundations for lasting relationships. Stop by for a cup of coffee and let’s get to know each other.


What is your favourite saying?

Work hard in silence and let success be your noise.


Who are you when you are not a Office Manager?

When I am in the office, I am Katrin. When I am at home, I am Mommy Mommy Mommy! I am a wife to an incredible man and a mother to a 7-year-old boy. I am an ourdoorsy person if outdoorsy is defined by sitting on my balcony with a mug of green tea and a crime novel.


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Some people rise and shine in the morning– I caffeinate and hope for the best. Definitely a night owl.

Kathija Ismail


Having qualified in Architecture, Kathija has had an extensive career in the industry with a diverse project portfolio. Her most recent tenure at a luxury Estate together with her tenacity, hands on approach and passion for perfection, made her the ideal candidate to take Seaward Estates to a greater utopia.


We interviewed Kathija to find out a little more about what gets her going:


What are your impressions of Seaward Estates after 1 week?

An unassuming gem with exciting times ahead! The Estate has tons of potential and I look forward to being a part of unlocking the next level Seaward Estates.


You sound like you have a genuine passion for the built environment - but what else makes you tick?

Oh man, I really do love the great outdoors. Running, cycling, motor biking, hiking - I absolutely am an adrenaline junkie. I love travelling as well and opt for the roads less travelled. And of course, quality family time is most important to me.


Sweet or savoury?

Definitely sweet! I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic. I also believe that there is always a reason to have cake!


Do you believe in astrology, if so, what is your Zodiac sign?

I don't particularly indulge - but I am a Sagittarius 😉 a Fire sign which I attribute my wanderlust, feisty and determined attitude to.

Haig Chamberlain


Haig is currently in his 15th year of work within the construction and estate management industry. He is a very proactive infrastructure and maintenance manager, where he is as comfortable laying drainage in the trenches he is as developing budgets, service targets, managing teams and properties with professionalism and ease. He has also been working as a subcontractor within the estate for 15 years and is familiar with the Estates.

We interviewed Haig to find out a little more about who he is:

What are you doing on your weekends?

If you don’t find me on the beach, you might find me at the park with my family.

What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?

I would join him.

What is your favourite saying?

Family comes first.

What’s the best gift you ever received?

My daughter. 

Pravina Chetty

Estate Administrator

Outside of office hours, Pravina loves creating memories by traveling with her family and friends.


We interviewed Pravina to find out a little more about who he she is:


What is your job on the estate?

I am the Estate Administrator, who is responsible for the administrative elements for Sales and letting in the Estate.


How long have you worked at Seaward for?

Well I guess you can say that I am part of the furniture/Seaward family as this marks 7 years.


What is your daily routine at work?

There is definitely no routine as no two days are the same. I take each days as it comes.


What do you enjoy most about your job or working at the estate?

I love the fact that every day is different. I meet a diversity of people. Getting to know the Seaward family and to see smiles on their faces when they walk out of the office. Most importantly I love the people I work with.


Tell me something interesting about yourself?

The first this I do as I get up every morning is Thank God for another day. My family is everything to me, we love to travel and create special memories. I celebrate my birthday every day in the month of September. I live by: "Always treat someone the way you want to be treated". I love positive energy and keep away from negativity. To sum it up, I am just blessed with the best!

Joedene Naidoo (Johara Hassen)


Introducing the new face of Seaward Estates, Joedene Naidoo (Johara Hassen) as Support Administrator.


We are ecstatic to have her joining the SEMHOA team to assist all you lovely residents with your queries. You will always be welcomed to the Seaward offices with a smile, even though it would be hidden behind a mask. She looks forward to having a harmonious relationship with all residents.


We interviewed Joedene to find out a little more about what gets her going:


My vision in life

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


A few reason to see me

You can come visit me for many reasons or no reason at all, just now that I am available to assist and direct you to our amazing team to help resolve any issues you may have.


Describe yourself in 3 words

The privilege of being able to meet and engage with residents from all walks of life, my passion to help people and knowing they are satisfied with our service allows me to feel a great sense of accomplishment. The pleasure of engaging with my fellow colleagues, learning new skills, and motivating each other on a daily basis always triggers a sense of excitement.


What strengths do you bring to the Seaward estate community?

I am extremely passionate about my work, once I commit, I take full ownership of my tasks and will go the extra mile to not disappoint.


What do you do besides working for Seaward Estate? What are your hobbies?

Keeping fit, enjoying scenery over long drives, and most importantly spending time with family.

Melanie Pillay

Financial Admin

Melanie has many years of work experience in the corporate and hospitality industries, while holding junior and more senior positions. Melanie has a vast skill set which is serving her role well as financial administrator. She joined the SEMHOA Family in 2013.


We interviewed Melanie to find out a little more about who she is:


What is your favourite saying?

True Leaders do not create Followers, They create more Leaders.


How would you best describe yourself?

God fearing, Independent woman of Great Strength and Courage.


What make your role in Seaward estate exciting?

Meeting a diversity of phenomenal individuals.


What do you do besides work for Seaward Estate?

I am a daughter, wife & mum and I am very involved in Mission work and Outreach projects and use my visits to different areas to Educate, Encourage and Empower people.

Leon Smit

Safety & Security

Leon relocated from Gauteng to the place where everybody wants to live, Ballito. In the past 3 years he has met most of the Seaward residents and states that he feels very at home because of the tight-knit and friendly community that welcomed him. He is a person that is always willing to help and his motto in life is that a little bit of friendliness and kindness goes a long way. His door is always open so do not hesitate if your require assistance.


We interviewed Leon to find out a little more about who he is:


When you are not at work , who are you?

I am the same person at work and at home. At home I tinker around, keep busy, cycle occasionally and ride my motorbike whenever I get a chance.


Sweet or Salty?

Sweet for sure.


What is top of your bucket list?

I would like to visit Italy and explore the country roads on a motorcycle.

Support Staff

Pruning & Fence

From The Right : Thulani Myeza, S`bonelo Bikili, Bhekithemba Mahlangu, Ben Cele

Estate Housekeeping

From The Right : Victoria Radebe, Caroline Masuku 

Lawns & Verges

From The Right : Lindokuhle Mndaba, Saymore Nyarumbu, Ntokozo Mncube

Mowing, Lawns & Verges

From The Right : Thobani Msweli

Gardens & Parks

From The Right : Nobry Nyarumbu, Innocent Ziwenge, Lindo Nene