Guardhouse Upgrades

Seaward Estates is one of the oldest gated communities in Ballito. Our gatehouses represent a first impression of our community and are nearing two decades since the first gate was established with very little change over the years and are becoming outdated which negatively impacts our brand and market position.

Ballito has become a significantly sort after location in South Africa with many families seeking a new life on our Dolphin Coast, specifically the lifestyles it offers for families and retirees. The Dolphin Coast and especially Ballito has been growing exponentially and numerous new gated Estates are being developed to cater for the significant demand. Seaward Estates has a particular appeal as it commands a premium position almost unmatched by its central location and access to schools, retail and business spaces offering unparalleled convenience.

It has been identified our ageing entrances require much-needed upgrades and improvements from an aesthetically appealing point of view. Furthermore, our new gate house is also a driving force to unify our overall appearance. However, it should be noted it is proposed that the older entrances would not adopt the appearance of our new gate but that it would rather be an elegant upgrade of our current gatehouses that will retain the overall style of Seaward Estates while focusing on their beatification and symmetry. The reality is our gatehouses are well past their due date and it has become a necessity to improve overall desirability both internally as well as externally. These upgrades form part of an integral plan of gradual improvements to Seaward Estates in order to realise the full potential of our brand, market position and ultimate property demand whilst raising overall perceptions.

Planning permissions would also be sort with the intention to provide the upgrade plans to several contractors to provide quotes which would be presented at an SGM proposed for this year in order to receive a collective approval from our members.