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Terms & Conditions

  • In the following text, where terms such as acceptable, suitable, adequate, appropriate, etc. are used, the HOA shall be the sole arbitrator as to what is suitable, adequate, appropriate, etc. Where specifics are mentioned, such specifics shall not affect the generality of the content.
  • The current Access Procedures must be adhered to by the contractor and their workers on entry and exit.
  • Contractors are to ensure the following prior to commencing any construction including site setup:
    1. All plans have been approved by SEMHOA and KDM town planning;
    2. Building deposits have been paid in full.
    3. Signed contractors building protocols and supporting documents have been provided;
    4. Signed contractors code of conduct have been provided.
    5. All staff have been registered and enrolled for access with the HOA.
  • The Estate Management and the HOA compliance inspector will monitor all buildings for conformity to approved plans on an on-going basis. Where building work deviates from previously approved plans all building work relating to the deviation will be required to cease with immediate effect. Building may not continue until an amended plan is drawn up, submitted and approved. For clarity, the amended plan must be approved before work recommences.
  • Should the HOA be dissatisfied with the conduct of any contractor, sub- contractor or supplier, the HOA may take such action as it deems necessary to stop such conduct and/or suspend building activity until such undesirable conduct ceases.
  • By their signatures hereto, contractors acknowledge that they understand the content of contractors code of conduct and agree to be bound by its provisions and by those additions and/or amendments to its provisions which may be introduced from time to time which shall have been brought to their attention in writing. They further agree to accept full responsibility for the failure of all and any sub-contractors to adhere to the terms of this agreement and that access may be terminated for such failures.




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